Return of AFL

(Collingwood v Carlton, 2016)

It’s the pointy end of march. That means one thing- AFL! For those who are religious football advocates, then we can all raise a glass together for the return of AFL. For those who aren’t from Australia and have no idea of this alien sport identically named like the world-renowned actual football, then I present to you the Australian Football League. 

This is the pinnacle of Australian sport. We live and breathe AFL. Despite its name, it is nothing like football as you may know it (we call it soccer). The rules of the game are harder to explain than it is so show, so search up a video of the game if you really want to see how we Aussies play- but I mean, unless you’re Australian, do you really care about AFL? 

For all the footy fanatics out there- yes, Australians really do abbreviate everything- I have never been more excited for a season of football. This does suggest that the previous year was of great importance to my team. This could either mean: 

  1. My team won the premiership 
  2. My team got the wooden spoon 

So, take a wild guess….

Neither! I can proudly, with my head held high, say that I bleed red and black. Yes, I follow the bombers. And after the entire drug saga, I am extremely excited to see where my team polls with the banned players back in the game. To see Jobe Watson, after his gracious concession of the Brownlow, get back into action, I could sense his passion and desire to prove something to the doubters. Heppell, our newest reign of captaincy certainly showed us why he is the man to lead the team. A convincing round 1 win over Hawthorn was exactly what we all needed to lift our spirits. I’ll take that anyday.

Scoring tickets to an AFL match, especially a blockbuster, is exactly what every tourist needs to do while in Australia. It depicts the heart of Australian culture. The atmosphere of the game is second to none. I am hopeful for this season but am not expecting miracles. All I do ask is, my boys can bring it home against Collingwood. 2017 will be a better year if Collingwood chokes. On behalf of the remainder of the AFL teams, we hope you to see you lose painfully Collingwood. We await to see that day you end up with the spoon. 

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