Welcome to my new blog where I can sporadically write and share some worthwhile experiences with you readers. Inspired by a couple of friends whom have travelled and written a blog along the way, they have really inspired me to jump on the bandwagon. Writing has always been a hobby that has kept me grounded. I once wrote a letter (to an ex-potential) equivalent to 13,000 words– yes that is almost a thesis! So writing is no foreign nature to me. I created this blog as an outlet and arena to release everything on my mind. Whether there may be 1 reader or 10, the purpose of this space is purely so I can express myself and write about everything and absolutely anything.

So here’s some info about myself: I am a young female, 20 years of age, from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently in the midst of studying my law degree at university while working part-time so I can afford my hobbies. I am an awkward mix of an introvert and extrovert, sometimes I can’t quite pick it. There is definitely a spectrum and I might fit right in the middle, dependant on my surroundings of course. I am quite level-headed and would confidently say that I am an extremely motivated and driven individual. In terms of career drive and aspirations, I have a clear vision of my goals and I am always fixated on my future– pretty much my 10 year plan. Where it’s a strength, it’s also a weakness. I tend to overthink and at times, pessimistic and cynical.

I intend to publish posts about picturesque adventures and some cool insights into my life– perhaps my studies, childhood, future endeavours or career aspirations? Whatever is heavy on my mind. Lately, it seems my mind, literally has a mind of its own. Thoughts on every aspect of my life has magnified and cannot stop circling during all hours of the day. I have been constantly thinking about my goals and ascertaining all the plans I have made for myself. As of my return from overseas, all my future plans have been out the window and I have a new perspective on everything that used I used to be so sure about. Priorities have shifted and what used to seem important to me, are no longer that. It’s exciting yet unsettling to be so unsure of any direction of my life– as I am not the “live for the moment” nor the “take life as it comes”, rather a “plan and conquer” type. Everything must be planned and thoroughly thought out. Even when it comes to outings and commutes to anywhere (I need notice and plenty of it! Last minute plans generally don’t have a place, sadly enough). If you ask my friends, they all know I plan my days around events and leave at least double the time I need to get to places. That leaves no margin for lateness, it’s a pet peeve!

Anyway, this is just an introductory blog to keep you guys updated on what’s to come and what I plan to write about. My internship is definitely a starting point and at the top of the list. I will be sharing my experience in an upcoming blogpost about all the ins and outs. Although it will be hard to condense two months worth into a few posts, I want to give you guys some sort of direction about what to expect if you want to study or work abroad. I want my blog to entail some of the most candid pieces and share a whole lot of detail of my ever so ‘interesting’ life. Stay tuned for my future posts. I am excited to write and make it a consistent habit. After all, what better way to express myself than to write with the backdrop of anonymity.

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