Life of a Law Student

I’m always in constant awe that I –previously a rebellious, unmotivated teenager– am actually studying law. Prior to, specifically 2014, I was a troubled teen that was honestly destined to be nowhere. Quite literally, nowhere. Yet somehow, I was able to turn my life around and finally reach a point where I can sit down, reflect on … More Life of a Law Student

Return of AFL

(Collingwood v Carlton, 2016) It’s the pointy end of march. That means one thing- AFL! For those who are religious football advocates, then we can all raise a glass together for the return of AFL. For those who aren’t from Australia and have no idea of this alien sport identically named like the world-renowned actual … More Return of AFL

Zurich, Switzerland 

Zurich, Switzerland One of the most surreal moments to date. Sitting in the clouds, overlooking the Swiss alps with scenic views from beneath. Still leaves me utterly speechless. The top of Zurich (Uteliberg). A must-go for any traveller!


Welcome to my new blog where I can sporadically write and share some worthwhile experiences with you readers. Inspired by a couple of friends whom have travelled and written a blog along the way, they have really inspired me to jump on the bandwagon. Writing has always been a hobby that has kept me grounded. … More Welcome